The definition of TRE is described as

"the cardinal number that is the sum of one and one and one: three"

The Client, The Candidate, The Recruiter

Our work ethic of determination, compassion, and resolution is an enormous advantage in the recruitment industry. Our CEO, Stacey Koopman, began her career in the payment industry in a variety of roles including Client Services, Human Resources, and Director of Operations. In 2002 she joined an executive search firm as partner and was involved with the entire recruiting cycle driving company growth and success. In 2011, she formed TRE executive search, a leading payments search firm. Throughout Stacey's career, she has infused a culture and methodology that drives unparalleled success. TRE's strategic values are that of commitment until the search concludes; customer excellence and timely execution.


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If you are searching for a team that is as passionate about your business as you are; a team that will not compromise customer excellence or service expectation; a team that will achieve results that you will not find with any other executive recruitment firm, TRE executive search, llc is your team!

TRE executive search, llc